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Chapter 2 – Public Relations: a growing industry

2.1. Public Relations around the globe

2.1.1. Asia

2.1.2. Africa

2.1.3. Oceania

2.1.4. Europe

2.1.5. North America

2.1.6. Latin America

2.1.7. International organizations

2.2. Public Relations in Spain

Chapter 2 Summary

Chapter 2 References


Chapter 2 Synopsis

Public Relations is  a growing industry, and this is made evident in, among other things, the growing number of students taking university and masters-level courses in the subject at colleges and business schools around the world.

It is also a multi-million dollar industry, one that has grown to five times its size in a decade, earning an annual income of 5 billion dollars.

The international growth of PR is based on the need of organizations everywhere to communicate with their audiences for commercial or ideological purposes, but public relations also help reach legitimate social objectives.

Thanks to technology, PR knowledge has been spread around the world, demonstrating that best practices are universal.

In Asian, Latin American, and eastern European countries, PR is helping solve distinct problems and, in many cases, has become a driving ethical force in promoting freedom in media.

The Spanish PR market has an remarkable trajectory and can continue to grow and become even more competitve. The challenges have to do with a greater level of specialization in order to better meet clients’ needs, adequate training for those who aspire to become part of the industry, and continual education and reinforcement of industry veterans.


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