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Chapter 3 – The role of Public Relations  within an organization

3.1.    PR Agencies

3.1.1. Recommendations: How to get the most out of a PR agency

3.2.    In-house Communications and PR Departments

3.3.   Communications and PR Director

3.3.1. Training for Communications and PR Directors

3.4. Agency, in-house communications department or PR Director?

Chapter 3 Summary

Chapter 3 References

Chapter 1 References


Chapter 3 Synopsis

Public relations has become fundamental for organizations in a world that is more and more competitive (and more “hypercommunicated” every day) because they are allowed to differentiate themselves. PR is very important for reputation management in an age when certain groups can mobilize society quickly and en masse.

To get the most out of Public Relations, organizations have three options: hire a specialized agency, create an internal communications department, or hire a VP (or Director) of Communications.

Each one of these options has its advantages and disadvantages. In some cases, the need to have experts with a broader vision leads organizations to hire an agency. In others, the need to avoid the transfer of confidential information and preserve the value of an organization makes companies lean towards an internal PR staff.

A Communications executive (VP or Director) will need the support of an external agency so that he or she has time to handle strategic issues regarding the organization’s communications.

He or she will also need specific training and constant education to be able to handle their duties effectively, since in most cases the candidate will need to create and lead complex processes or direct in moments of crisis.

In any case, the organization’s leaders can get counsel from external consultants to help them make the best choice and get the most out of PR.

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