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Chapter 4 – Designing a Public Relations campaign

4.1. Research

4.1.1. Focus groups and surveys Applying results of focus groups and surveys

4.1.2.    Communications audit

4.1.3.    SWOT Analysis

4.2. Public Relations objectives

4.3. Strategy

4.4. PR Plan or program

4.5. Implementation

4.6. Follow-through

4.7. Evaluation

Chapter 4 Addendum

Chapter 4 Summary

Chapter 4 References

Chapter 4 Addendum references


Chapter 4 Synopsis

Public relations has become fundamental for organizations in a world that is more and more competitive (and more “hypercommunicated” every day) because they are allowed to differentiate themselves. PR is very important for reputation management in an age when certain groups can mobilize society quickly and en masse.

The design of a Public Relations campaign should be the result of a series of steps taken to help ensure that the campaign is carried out correctly. It’s not about   It’s not about communicating everything all at once, but communicating in a way that is in line with the organization’s profile and needs.

The first step is research, which will help to determine the organization’s position in the moments prior to the PR campaign. This will help define the best strategy and the most adequate program to reach the communications goals.

But these goals need to be in line with the needs and requirements of the organization. If they are not, they won’t add value and sooner or later will be questioned by company leaders.

The PR program comes out of this process has to establish the tools and the tactics that will be used in a defined order and within a certain timeline. To that end, one must consider all resources, human and material (as well as access to the upper echelon of the organization) up to implementation which will be the key to the success of the whole plan.

During implementation it is important to keep an eye on all resources, meet all deadlines and keep track of all results..

As a last step, the evaluation stage is key in showing the true power of Public Relations when the initial goals and subsequent results are compared.

Each step and the order you find it in exists for a reason. Failure in any of these steps can compromise the results of the whole project, which is why it is fundamental that you establish a methodology with the organization’s leaders so that they may gain a deeper understanding of the process.


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