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Chapter 7 -  How do I hire an external PR firm?

7.1.  How much will a PR campaign cost?

7.2. Who will carry out the campaign?

Chapter 7 Addendum

Chapter 7 Synopsis

Chapter 7 References


Chapter 7 Synopsis

Organizations have several ways of finding the PR service that best fits its needs. Since communication and reputation are delicate subjects, references and personal relationships are still very important in a PR agency search.

Another common way, perhaps the most professional way to go about it, is to send out a request for proposal (RFP) which details the needs of an organization, and to which various agencies can submit proposals and compete for the account.

The RFP should be truly thorough, but can be generic or specific in responding to agencies’ questions about the bid without specifying the activities they’ll be asked to perform, since the true value of an agency is in their ability to prescribe these tactics.

There is no set parameter with regards to budget necessary to carry out a PR campaign, since service normally tailored to each client’s needs.

It is very important than an organization do some research before hiring on an agency, and there are several things one should take into account, like reviewing the agency’s portfolio, asking to see the results of previous campaign, and asking about the organization and the industry in which it normally operates.

It’s important to know the key players within the agency in order to avoid misunderstandings and to be able to carry out the campaign in the most effective way possible, although it’s also possible to solicit the agency’s high-level executives’ opinions in matters as well.


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